Here are some inexpensive tips to keep your sneakers as white as they were on day one.

Your white sneakers (or sneakers) are used for running, but not only. At the end of the week, you sometimes wear them with pants or Bermuda shorts for an extra-sporting outing. They must, therefore, be impeccable. Depending on their composition, you can maintain them by following the following tips.

Determine the composition of your sneakers
What are your sports shoes (also called sneakers, tennis or sneakers in English) made of? They can be leather, synthetic material, nubuck, or suede. Because it is according to their composition that their cleaning will be done. To find out, look at the label on the inside of your shoe.


They are made of leather
In this case, take a used toothbrush, nail brush, or sponge. Soak in Marseille soap or white vinegar and clean the stain. You will sometimes have to repeat this gesture several times for it to go away.

They are 100% synthetic
In this case, you have the option of putting them in the washing machine. Still prefer a cold or low-temperature wash and, if possible, put your sneakers in a net. It will protect them. There are many testimonials on the Internet from people who have recovered shoes that are definitely immutable after machine cleaning.

They are in nubuck or suede
In this case, you must be very careful because this leather with the appearance of velvet is more delicate. The material used comes from the outside of the leather but it has been scratched and is therefore more fragile. Use a suede eraser or a toothbrush first and, if the stain persists, start over, taking care to dampen the soiled area beforehand.


They are in suede
Here, the machine is totally to be avoided because the composition of this leather is very fragile. Indeed, the leather used comes from the inside of the skin. As with suede and nubuck, use an eraser, taking care to moisten the stained part beforehand, and clean it very gently.

Small additional tips

To clean the soles, the best is the toothbrush on which you have applied a little toothpaste. When buying your pair of sneakers, consider waterproofing them with a colorless spray. This will allow you to clean them more easily afterward.