5 tips to ripen avocado faster


When you buying an avocado at the supermarket. you can feel it sniff it to fiddle with it in all directions, and to be sure that it is as ripe as possible.

when you come home and you open it in half to make guacamole or whatever, it’s very hard, and not ripe at all.


Because frankly, cutting, crushing, or even eating an overly firm avocado is far from the end!

well. let’s start with these tips to ripen avocado faster

1-Put it in the pan

We have just seen: avocados do not resist heat, which makes them ripen very quickly.
So if you are in a hurry and you absolutely have to ripen our avocado (if you use it to prepare a beauty mask for example!), Rather than placing it near the hotplates in the kitchen, we’re going to cook it! Finally, we will cut it in two lengthwise, remove its large core, and put a drizzle of olive oil to heat in a pan. Once the oil is hot, we will simply fry our pieces of avocado (flesh side of course) for a few minutes. And then, TADAM: our lawyer will be soft as if he had spent a few days in the sun!


2-Give it a hotshot

Avocado is a fruit that we like to eat fresh, and that we tend to put in the fridge directly after buying it to prevent it from rotting. If it’s an unripe avocado, it’s a big mistake: putting it in the fridge will damage it from the inside and make it all black! In fact, to quickly ripen a little too hard avocado, do not hesitate to give it a little warmth. By placing it next to the kitchen radiator, or oven, or even hot plates. The heat will inevitably speed up the ripening process of the fruit!

3-Prick it with toothpicks

When you have in your kitchen an underripe avocado and a box of toothpicks, well you have quite enough to accelerate its ripening! Yes: by planting a toothpick at each end of the fruit (yes, the avocado is a fruit, like a tomato for that matter) during the day, the next morning our avocado will be perfectly ripe, and ready to be tasted. Well, as this technique is the least scientific of all, it is undoubtedly the one to experiment when we must not
imperatively prepare guacamole the next day! However, this is the quickest trick because it allows a lawyer to ripen in just one night!

4-Wrap it in newspaper

Avocado is a climacteric fruit, which means that once picked, it continues to ripen. But what if it doesn’t ripen fast enough for our liking? No problem, just wrap it in newspaper and leave it in a room at room temperature, if possible protected from light. The explanation is simple: like other climacteric fruits (apple, pear, nectarine, plum …), avocado produces a gas that promotes its ripening: ethylene. And by enclosing it in the newspaper, it is left to bathe in the ethylene it produces, which therefore makes it ripen much faster.


5-Put it with an apple and a banana

Another simple tip that is slightly similar to that of newsprint: to ripen an avocado quickly, just place it in a fruit basket … but beware, not just how! We’re going to place it right next to the bananas and apples. Why? And since apple and banana are climacteric fruits (which continue to ripen after picking), they produce ethylene. And the more we put climacteric fruits in the presence of each other, the higher the production of ethylene in the fruit basket will be important … which will allow our still too hard avocado to ripen in just 1 or 2 days max. Be careful though: apples are part of the fastest rotting fruit, so we monitor the condition of our basket regularly!