6 Ayurvedic tips for a refreshing summer

Ayurveda teaches us to seek balance and harmony in our bodies and in our life. but also to adapt to our environment. to take into account the seasons and the hours of the day. When it is hot, we observe that any activity seems more difficult. and that our appetite tends to decrease. This trend is natural.

you have to accept it and adapt the diet. and activities to external circumstances: heat, hours of the day; places … With the heat of summer. it’s the dosha “Pitta” (associated with the elements of fire and water), which will be most aggravated with the consequence of reducing “agni” (in Sanskrit, the inner fire). Our body which seeks to maintain balance will provide less heat. its metabolism will drop and its digestive power will be reduced. So listen to your body and follow these tips.


The best Ayurvedic tips for summer 

– Eat only when you are hungry. Try to eat in moderation as the heat slows digestion.

– Choose light, watery and fresh foods that are raw vegetables, cold soups, fruits, salads, or vegetables. Be careful to the fruits that are light to digest, only if they are eaten alone away from meals because they are digested in the intestine, and not in the stomach. Be careful of the “Vata” profiles, an overly raw and cold diet risks creating imbalances, eat your cooked vegetables.

– Prioritize the sweet, astringent, and bitter flavors. Cut down on salty, acidic, spicy foods and hot dishes which will increase digestive fire.


– Hydrate yourself: water, herbal teas (lukewarm or temperate), detox waters (with lemon or fruit to flavor the water, which increases the thirst-quenching effect in the case of lemon). Be careful not to drink ice cold so as not to kill your digestive fire. Hydration is the key to the proper functioning of the body and especially in maintaining a body temperature despite the outside temperatures and increased sweating. Water is the only essential drink for the body. Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol.

– Take advantage of the evenings to relax and devote a quiet moment to find yourself. and reconnect to your body. and your sensations.

– Before sleeping, massage your body or at least your feet with coconut or sesame oil. Then breathe cardiac coherence. pranayama (alternating breaths through the nose). This will help calm your mind. refresh you. and make you sleepy. Pitta dosha can cause irritation with heat. It is important to soothe it at the end of the day.


By Amélie Clergue Vaurès, Ayurveda and phytotherapy practitioner from the Medoucine network