3 gestures for sunbathing

Today more than ever, tanning has become no longer a banal reflex, but a weighted act, which gives more and more to think about our behavior. Because yes, summer is often synonymous with long hours lounging in the sun, brushing your forearms with sunscreen. However, these products intended to protect themselves from the rays are not always very good for the planet and give our tanning sessions the air of a bad student. Faced with this real subject of the season, your online beauty advisers have looked into the matter and gives you three steps to tanning in a more responsible way.

Sunbathe at the beach: think of corals!

For the holidays, many of us naturally go to sunny destinations, especially to the sea. When we think of the sea, we often think of tanning on the beach. However, corals are put to the test every year, with more than 20,000 tonnes of chemical assets spilled into the oceans. One of the contributors? The sunscreen products we use! Indeed, the mineral filters contained in this type of care are often very harmful to the marine ecosystem. This is why it is essential to opt for products with the most limited impact on the oceans, such as Caudalie’s anti-wrinkle face sunscreen. Moisturizing and protective, this sun care acts as a classic sunscreen but is biodegradable. The real plus? Its formula, non-toxic to the marine ecosystem!


We put on vegetable oils

What about vegetable oils, except that they have revolutionized the world of beauty? Between make-up removal and hair masks, each of them has an interesting property, which is always interesting to use on a daily basis and even in summer. If certain sun oils exist, they are not all adapted to the skin in an optimal way. This is why Bali Body watermelon oil tanning oil is such a great alternative. Indeed, nourishing at will, and full of freshness, it is a perfect ally on the deckchair, but not only. Its tanned grain also allows you to wear it in the shade, simply to have a better complexion, naturally!

Make tanning more effective

Even those who don’t go on vacation can sunbathe! The sun is everywhere, all the time, whether in town or on a beach towel. This is why at times it is useful to help the departments to do their work, thanks to natural food supplements. Small boosters, which will allow the skin to adopt a uniform tan, but above all, to prepare for the exhibition, whatever it is. In this perspective, the Summer Glow supplement by Aime is ideal! Composed of carotenoids, vitamins C and A, or even resveratrol, it simply helps protect our small cells from overexposure. And what’s more, Summer Glow is made in France!