9 techniques for staying beautiful this summer

1. FPS, every day

You should incorporate anti-aging strategies into every part of your skincare regimen. In the morning, apply a moisturizer with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) to rebound UV rays and pollution. Before excessive sun exposure, apply sunscreen lotion. Together, they prevent the skin from contracting, wrinkling, and developing brown spots (while preventing skin cancer). Stay hydrated and minimize your sugar and alcohol consumption, giving priority to a full 8-hour sleep while wearing a night cream to accelerate the effects of cell regeneration. If you want to be more serious, ask your dermatologist for a prescription for retinol.

2. When you cut your beard, two heads are better than one

Unlike the hair on your head, the good thing about facial hair is that it is all visible and you can remove it yourself. Most guys only use one length of cut on their beards. This is what we forget: we tend to overlook the different ways of wearing a beard and ignore the various detail options offered by razors. Take the Philips Norelco Multigroom 9000, for example. Okay, some of these clogs are made for your paws and some for your nose and ears. BUT, its T-shaped blade allows precise contours, the razor head offering a shave as close to the skin (let’s say you wanted to eliminate the commissures of the mustache and the goat) and the different lengths of hooves allow bring density and contrast to your mustache, goat or legs.


3. Replace your razor blade every 6 shaves

It is a fundamental principle of razor hygiene. and it prevents the accumulation of dead skin, hair, and bacteria. also ensures a close shave, without burning the razor and ingrown hairs. Most razor underwriters send blades at a reduced price at defined intervals, allowing customers to exchange the blades of their safety razor or their razor with interchangeable blades after 6 to 8 shaves or a few weeks. Between each shave, store your razor in a dry and ventilated place after having rinsed it thoroughly.

4. buy a new toothbrush every 3 months

According to hygiene standards, the bristles of your toothbrush are rendered ineffective after 3 months of use. A toothbrush only costs a few euros to replace, so …. replace it. If you’re afraid to forget, become this guy who noted: “Buy a new toothbrush” as a recurring event in his calendar at the start of each quarter.

5. Find a dermatologist … online

We all want to look younger and healthier, but one of the barriers is the doctor’s appointment. It may require an expensive payment, leave the office during the day, and is sometimes difficult to obtain without a reservation a month in advance. If you want immediate help, then choose a company that puts you in touch with online dermatologists. They can assess your simple needs (like “I want to get rid of my acne” or “I would like to try remedies for hair loss, and I would like to know the risks”). These consultants are available to answer your questions, and they even monitor your progress for each prescription. (They are also the ones who can prescribe the products.) For more serious problems, you will still need to make an appointment with your dermatologist in the office. Besides, you should visit him regularly every year for a skin exam.


6. Use the cold air button on the hairdryer

You know the cold blow button on the hairdryer – it’s your shortcut to a more durable and faster style. Once you have used the hairdryer to give you volume, hold, or texture, you can finish with a breath of cold air to fix the hair product and continue your activities. Also, be careful not to burn your hair with too much heat during the process – there is heat damage that no breath of cold air can correct.

7. To smell good in summer, spray more than your skin

Sweating is the No. 1 public enemy of the strongest colognes. The use of a summer scent seems futile since it fades as soon as one leaves in the hot and humid air. This is why you should target more than your pulse points during the warmer months: Spray the collar of your shirt, the tips of your long hair, the underside of your beard. You can even rub cologne in your mustache. This is a strategy of letting the smell linger longer than it would during the colder months.

8. Revitalize more, shampoo less

Here’s how to have “good hair days”: revitalize every day and do a lot less shampoo. While this is a good way to remove dirt, grime, excess sebum, and hair products, the truth is that a thorough rinse already helps to remove most of it. In addition, it will do this without stripping the hair entirely of their natural oils, which allows them to be healthy, hydrated, and styled. If having an oily scalp is your problem, then you should do less shampoo in order to get the scalp used. In turn, it will produce less oil over time. Start with a wash every two days and go slowly every three or four days.


9. Improve your skin while you sleep

A night care regimen is the shortest route to a clearer, firmer, even skin tone. This is because the cells in your body regenerate faster while you sleep, and its systems work harder to correct and restore itself. (This is also the reason why a full night’s rest often allows you to avoid getting sick and feeling good.) The skin is no exception, which is why it is imperative to cleanse it before go to bed and apply a nutrient-rich night cream and/or anti-aging retinol products. Combined with 7 to 8 hours of rest, these products amplify the benefits of sleep on your complexion, because they are doubly effective in hydrating, nourishing and rejuvenating your skin.