This simple tip keeps fresh avocado leftovers up to 7 days and you never thought about it


Leftover avocado to keep? Forget cellophane! This TikTok user explains how to keep them fresh longer, thanks to a very simple trick.

Who has never faced it? Half an avocado to use in a salad, or avocado toast, and the other half we try as best we can to keep in the refrigerator.


after only a few minutes. the flesh of the avocado oxidizes and darkens! however, a very simple trick to keeping an avocado fresh longer. It’s a TikTok user Crossfit fan and avocado toast @marg13d who tells us Instead of cutting the avocado lengthwise. it is enough to slice it crosswise. that is to say at the level of the part which can resemble a small hat.

Avocado stays green for up to a week

We then collect the flesh of the fruit we need with a small spoon (leaving the skin so), then place the avocado in an airtight box in the refrigerator and voila! Thus protected by its skin, the fruit remains green and does not oxidize and the operation can be repeated several times with the same avocado. According to @ marg13d, this hack food would keep avocado leftovers for up to a week. Beastlike cabbage, right?