These Trending Hairstyles Will Make You Look At Least 10 Years Younger

Getting older is part of life. Getting older also means becoming more mature, changing yourself but also your style. You start to develop your own style and less follow trends. You become more relaxed and no longer have the need to impress others with your appearance. There is a saying that the hands are our calling card. It’s the same with our hair. The first impression is very important and should therefore also match the type. The following hairstyles are perfect for women who like to cheat on themselves a few years younger.

Choppy layers

Many different layers ensure movement in the hair. If they are cut straight, they are also called “Choppy Layers”. This technique creates volume. However, you have to be careful with the length, because the layers should not be shorter than 1 cm. The back of the head has to stay longer. Otherwise, the proportions are not right. Most choppy cuts are more for short hair. The technique is mostly used for bob, pixie, or A-line cuts. Combined with highlights and color, the cut can make a whole new type of thing.

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