Coca Cola Shampoo And Co. – These Are The Craziest Beauty Tricks Of The Stars

Who wouldn’t want the flawless looks of some stars? But only very few know how Cameron Diaz and Co. get their even complexion, their silky hair, and their pure skin. Check out this article for the weird beauty hacks that the beautiful and the rich swear by. They may sound strange, but if you look at the celebs, they seem to be working flawlessly.

Viktoria Beckham- bird droppings

The former “Spicegirl” and wife of professional footballer David Beckham, looks fantastic despite her 46 years. When asked about her beauty secret, Viktoria Beckham only says one thing – bird droppings. As bizarre as it sounds, Viktoria Beckham actually uses bird droppings to get a glowing and even complexion. This type of face mask originally comes from Japan and is one of the geisha facial treatments. The droppings of the Japanese bush warbler (bird species) are made into a powder, which can then be mixed with water and used as a face cleanse or mask. If you are brave enough, you should definitely try this face mask!